Top 10 Architecture Design Colleges and Schools

Top 10 Best Online Architecture Schools In 2015

Best Online Architecture Schools


It is really important for an architecture student to understand all the details related with his subject for having the responsibility and get the seriousness of their job. They should have the feeling that they are designing for others. The dreams of other people are designed and gave shape by the architects. It is necessary for the individuals to complete their Bachelor’s degree in graduation from any of the reputed institution. If the individual is not getting time for attending a regular course, there is nothing to worry as there are so many great institutes that offer online architecture course. 

Best Online Architecture Schools

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Disclaimer: This ranking was made through available information to author and is meant to be another source of information only. It is not advisable to solely rely on this article for any decision making.

khanArchitectural Association of UK 

Architectural Association at UK is the Best architecture school and is located at London. It has got the title of being the oldest Architecture of school of UK that is independent. It was founded in the year of 1847 by a group of students who were troublesome. The school offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in architecture. They have got specialized courses in Urbanism, housing, landscape urbanism and so on. 

khanEth Zurich – Darch 

This is the University for Science, mathematics, engineering and technology. This university which is located Switzerland always get the recognition of being the top most universities of the world. This university is the place where many of the great architects like Jacques Herzog completed his education. There are many other great personalities who was part of this university and won Nobel prize and many other great awards for their contribution in their respective fields. 

khanHarvard University 

This is one among the prestigious university located at USA and it do not require any special introduction as it is popular all over the world. The university was established in the year 1636 and thus it is one among the oldest universities that you can find in US. Architecture studies come under the category of Arts and Science in Harvard University. The curriculum has got two segments which are Theory and History. Leo Ming Pei who is called as master of modern architecture is an alumnus of Harvard. There are many great students as well as faculties that are part of this university which has given this university it’s fame and popularity. 


Massachusetts Institute – of Technology 

MIT was formed by the Commonwealth in Massachusetts in the year of 1861. MIT has got about 6 colleges and schools that offer about32 different departments. MIT has also got huge number of great people who are excellent in the various areas of their career. School of architecture of MIT is considered as the popular one in whole world. It has got a curriculum divided to five groups which are Technology, culture, art, Architecture design Theory -and criticism of – architecture and art, computation and building technology. Louis Sullivan who is called as the father of skyscraper was also a former student of this university. 

khanRoyal Melbourne – Institute of – Technology 

RMIT is located in Australia and was founded in the year of 1887. School of architecture of RMIT is the top most one in the world. It has got an incredible reputation as well as top ranking. 

khanSouthern California – Institute of Architecture 

Sci Acr is located at Los Angeles. It is the one with good grade and is an independent school. This school can be chosen for the 3 years Masters degree of the 5 years bachelors’ degree in architecture. 

khanDelft University of Technology 

It is the oldest technical university which is situated in Netherlands. It was founded in the year of 1842 by King William II. It provides Bachelor of Science and Masters of Science in architecture. It also provides Masters Degree in Building sciences and Urbanism. 

khanRoyal Danish – Academy of Fine Arts 

This is the school of – Architecture that was founded in the year of 1754. This school of architecture provides education in the niches like urban & landscape planning, architectural restoration and design, furniture and graphic design and so on. 

khanTokyo Institute of Technology

TIT is located at Japan and is one among the universities that follow strict criterion for admission. Architecture & Building engineering forms one among the departments of it with great alumni. 

khanUniversity of Cambridge

This world renowned university that is located in UK has also got a department for architecture that has impressive syllabus. The alumni are also much noteworthy. 


These colleges form a great part in providing great architects to the world. Being part of them is not only prestigious but can enhance your skills from various aspects.

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