Top 10 Landscape Design Schools 2015

Landscape design is a field that deals with planning, management, design and preservation of land. The respective programs are focused on commercial and residential garden design, urban planning and environmental conservation and can also be referred to as landscape architecture programs. Most of the careers in landscape design are graduate-level while internships are intended for undergraduates. There are many projects that graduates can work on pertaining to management, preservation, drafting, planning, research and consultancy. khanTop 10 Landscape Design Schools

Landscape design or architecture has turned into a premier occupation ranked among the best professions for new career seekers. The field provides an opportunity for participation in the protection of natural resources and the environment as a whole while performing indispensable services. It is therefore a both challenging and fulfilling field that requires individuals with creativity and a drive for solving problems. This means that people looking to join the profession will require comprehensive knowledge in subject areas as well as relevant practical experience which can only be obtained from the best landscape design schools. The top 10 landscape design schools are:

Disclaimer: This ranking was made through available information to author and is meant to be another source of information only.

Top 10 Landscape Design Schools 2015

#1.  Harvard University

Landscape design school of Harvard University

Founded in 1636, Harvard is among the oldest colleges in the U.S. and was recently ranked as the top university in the country. Besides its Landscape Design department being recognized by the America Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), the university has also been honored for its environmentally friendly principles. A Master’s Degree program in the university take three years to complete and is designed for individuals who have any undergraduate degree. Students can also apply for an advanced Master in Landscape Architecture (MLA) which takes only two years. The classes for these programs revolve around ecology infrastructure, studio architecture and urbanization. A Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in the same field is ideally for those interested in research or teaching careers.

#2.  University of California

University of California

Other than being one among the best landscape design schools, the University of California was the first to combine landscape design, planning and architecture into one. It ranks among the top 20 universities in the U.S and is also accredited by the ASLA. A Bachelor of Arts degree in Landscape Design focuses on creative designs and ecological practices as well as training students for graduate study and entry-level roles. Students can also undertake a two-year MLA degree program or 3-year alternative for those who don’t have a design background. Students can also enhance their specialization by taking a Ph.D. in Landscape Architecture.

#3.  Ohio State University

Ohio State University

The university started landscape architecture courses in 1915 from the Knowlton School of Architecture and rose to become a top ranked school worldwide. The school focuses on instilling innovative and creative design ideas to solving environmental issues with regards to the landscape architecture. Both Bachelor and Master Degree programs offered at the university lay emphasis on experimental learning. Furthermore, the curriculum is focused on a range of planning and design philosophies to complement theory and scientific methodologies.

#4.  Texas A&M University

Texas A&M University

At the university, the Department of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning boasts being one of the oldest programs established in 1913. The high performance and ranking of the department therefore elevates the university to the top ten list of best landscape design schools. It offers students the options of pursing either Bachelor or Master degree programs in Landscape Design with accreditation from the Council of Landscape Architecture.

#5.  Cornel University

Landscape Design School - Cornell University

Landscape Architecture in this university is offered under the School of Agriculture and Life Sciences. The department has factored significantly in the ranking of the university among the best landscape design schools for its leading role in education and research. Students can undertake both undergraduate and graduate degree programs which feature innovative theoretical and practical coursework.

#6.  Louisiana State University

Louisiana State University

This university is ranked for its commitment to betterment of human condition through its service and community outreach projects. Its School of Landscape Architecture benefits from the proximity of the Gulf of Mexico which offers abundant ecological landscape for study. At the university, there are options to pursue either a Bachelors or Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture. All these programs are accredited by the ASLA and feature both requisite and elective courses.

#7.  University of Pennsylvania

University of Pennsylvania

Even though the School of Design in this university was established in 2001, its foundational basis is a landscape architecture department that dates back to 1914. The university focuses on promoting innovative design solutions to landscape issues. It is more so equipped with the latest technological tools and facilities in addition to extensive academic resources. Students can therefore be confident about taking graduate programs at this university which in one of the best landscape design schools.

#8.   Purdue University

Landscape design school of Purdue University

Landscape design in Purdue University is offered under the Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture which has been praised for provision of high quality degree programs for advancement of knowledge and research. In the endeavor to make responsible professionals, Purdue University offers undergraduate as well as postgraduate degree programs in landscape design. The degrees equip students with knowledge in environmental science on top of planning, regulation and drafting skills. The courses therefore pertain to, graphic communication, design, landscape survey and communication.

#9.  Kansas State University

 Kansas State University

In terms of origins, the College of Architecture at the university boasts being in existence since the 1800’s. Over the years, it has prioritized its commitment to superior education, advancement of knowledge and improvement of life through academics. This has seen it emerge as one among the best landscape design schools in the country. It offers comprehensive interdisciplinary degree programs that are consistently reviewed to be in line with current field practices.

#10.  University of Georgia

10 University of Georgia

This is a university that strives to train ethical and responsible leaders who can handle landscape architecture issues professionally. It therefore offers comprehensive and interdisciplinary degree programs ranging from a Bachelor’s to Ph.D. degree in Landscape Architecture. The programs focus on construction, environmental issues, engineering plant species and community impact. The curriculum also includes training in graphic and design arts as well as technical application on top of the requisite language and culture courses.

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