Top 10 – Best Online Interior Design Schools 2015


Interior design schools equip a person with knowledge on how human beings relate to their environment. In this field, the knowledge garnered is used to come up with creative and holistic and functional designs for different indoor set ups. Whether it is a hospital, house, school, church, museum, office or any other interior, a well-trained interior designer is capable of making the perfect design to make it hospitable and useful with regards to intended purpose. Getting good education is however critical to any success in any career interior design not spared. With improving technology and busy lives people lead this days, online studying has become a common practice for many. So in case you are looking for an online interior design programme, here are the top 10 best online interior design schools you can choose from:

Best Online Interior Design Schools

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1. Academy of Art University

With the main school founded in 1929 in San Francisco, the many years have seen it expand and grow with regard to the quality of education provided. The San online interior design school in this college offers a variety of courses such as accredited associates, bachelors and masters degrees and also continuing art education. You can visit for more information.

This courses offer the students a hands-on experience with many projects to undertake so as to feel what a client’s project might be like. The online interior design courses offered are commercial interior design, interior architecture design, history design and lighting designer.


2. The Arts Institute of Pittsburg

With many classes on offer, the Pittsburg based institution guarantees all taking its online interior design course of a worthwhile use of their money. Combining the history of design and architecture, space planning, space planning and 3-D as well as computer aided drawing.

They offer undergraduate course only and give you a chance for a job upon graduation through the graduation portfolio review. This is a great place to start your career if you have no idea what to do next after your graduation.


3. The Limperts Academy

The Limperts Academy offers a wide array of interior design courses you can choose from. They are an internationally accredited institution so you can be sure your certificate will be valid in any country worldwide. Many of the students from the school have gone on to be very successful in their careers a fact that the academy cherishes a lot.

4. Pennfoster College

This offers a supportive, self-paced course gearing one towards meeting the client needs. With this school as your college of choice you will be equipped with enough knowledge to undertake the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) examination.

Some of the courses offered include commercial and residential design, drawing techniques and ethical issues that may be faced by interior designers.

5. Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design

Here, students are taught on the importance of creating unique designs for different places and how to do it. Their approach is a combination of several natural and social sciences like psychology, sociology, ecology and biology.


6. Savannah College of Art and Design

This is a regionally accredited, non-profit institution was founded in 1978. About 15% of the students in this institution receive on average $12,924 financial support every year. There are 47 online degrees available at the master’s, bachelors and certificate level.


7. Rhodec International

Established in 1877, this school boasts of experienced staff for teaching their students with the latest in the interior design field. It is home to many students in its campuses both physically and virtually.


8. Westwood College Online

Offering associates, diplomas, bachelors and even master’s programmes online for interior design enthusiasts, this college is accredited giving dependable knowledge to its students. You can visit the online campus and start learning with a curriculum suited specifically for your needs.

9. School of Art Institute of Chicago

This school offers interactive learning curriculum shared between the students and instructors. This helps equip the students with the best of knowledge from the learned professionals.


10. Kansas State University

Having been around since 1858, it is one of the oldest design schools in America. Its standards of education have not however been compromised as it still has the best lecturers and curriculum for equipping online interior design students accordingly.




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