15 Reasons Why Studying Industrial Design is A Good Option For You

Industrial designers basically deal with the ergonomics and aesthetics of products. They develop the concepts for a variety of manufactured products such as home appliances, tools, cars and even toys. They mainly focus on the user experience when they are developing the function and creating the style of that particular appliance or gadget.


They usually start with exploring the design options before sketching the concepts so as to put the rough ideas on paper. They then discuss with the client so as to get what the client favors the most. After a client makes a choice(s) the process moves into the design refinement phase where the industrial designer will do some computer renderings of those selected designs using a variety of computer programs such as Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop or use a modeling program such as Rhino. They will then generate some mockups which will then be presented to the client who will then narrow down to his or her final choice. The mockup now moves to the design finalization stage where the design is refined further, taking into consideration any client requests before it is handed over to the engineering department for actual development.

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To become an industrial designer, you require a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design, Architecture or Engineering for entry level jobs in the field. Many schools will require that you complete some basic classes in Art and Design before you enter into the degree program. To this end they may request that you submit some sketches of what you have drawn. Because this field does combine Art, Science and Business in equal measure, a good number of Industrial designers are pursuing an MBA ( Master’s of Business Administration) so as to help them gain the required business skills.

Since your interest in the industry has now been piqued, here are 15 good reasons to study industrial design in college. They include but are not limited to the following;


The Sector is Growing

This is growing sector and demand for industrial designers is expected to grow by 4 percent between 2012 and 2022 as stated by the U. S Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is because consumer demand for new products and different styles will sustain the current demand for industrial designers in the foreseeable future. The chances of getting a job are quite high.


It Pays Well

The job does provide a very decent wage. With a median annual wage of $ 59,610, with the lowest 10 percent earning $ 34, 610 and the top 10% earning slightly more than $ 94,250, the job can comfortably sustain a family and afford you some luxuries in life. The pay differential does show that there is a good chance of developing your career.


You Are Good at Grasping Concepts

If you are good at conceptualizing new ideas and being able to put them into paper, then this is the course you need to study. Industrial designers thrive in coming up with new ways of doing old things and introducing new dimensions to appliances and tools that were previously not envisaged. Industrial designers are free spirited and don’t think in a box.


It is Ideal For the Artistic

If you are artistically gifted or you are one person who is constantly drawing both abstract and still images either by hand or using 3D programs then industrial design will suit you just fine. If you enjoy rendering 2D and 3D images, and quite at home with programs such as Adobe and Corel Draw then you will seamlessly fit into this field.


The Job is Cool

Whichever way you look at it, this is a cool job to have. Imagine conceptualizing a unique look for a pneumatic air tool and then spreading the entire aesthetic to a whole line of tools in the product basket and seeing it develop to the end product and having clients love it from the onset. That’s the life of an industrial designer.


You Do What You Love

This is one of the very few jobs around the world where you will be paid doing what you love to do the most. Depending on which side of the coin you are looking at it, this is one career that you either love to bits or one that you are not cut out for. You are either in or out.


An Avenue for Self- Expression

If you are looking for a job where you are constantly expressing yourself and discovering new things and exploring new ideas, then studying industrial design is a good choice to make. Industrial designers are constantly out there trying to either come up with new concepts or freshly package old concepts. Nothing stays still in this industry, things are very dynamic.


Works Best For Team Players

Most artists prefer working alone, but if you are one of those artists who do not mind sharing his or her ideas with friends and do quite well in group projects in class, then you are bound to snugly fit in this particular career as industrial designers usually work as a single unit that constitutes a team.khan

Lots of Schools Offer This Course

Another reason why you should consider studying industrial design is because there are several schools currently offering the course. You thus have a large pool of high quality colleges and schools to choose from. This also means that the fees are quite fair or average; though this will depend on the school or college you opt for.


You Can Work Anywhere in the World

As an industrial designer, you are a global employee. It is one of those professions which lack any geographical boundaries. You can work on products and items from all over the world and be able to communicate in the universal language of art which in this case involves sketches and drawings of products. You work locally but target globally.


A Multifaceted Career

Industrial designing is a multifaceted career that requires both art and business acumen. If you are an artist who is also interested in the business angle of art and design and how it plays out in the market place then studying this course will open for you that particular path and give you a chance to try out your skills and sharpen them too.


Ideal Career for Time Conscious Individuals

If you can handle work pressure and deliver within strict deadlines then this career will pay you handsomely for having those qualities. Marketing and business development teams which commission new products usually work under strict deadlines dictated by market demands and they normally expect their solutions to be delivered at the same speed.


Rewarding for individuals with good problem solving skills

If you are constantly being commended about your problem solving skills, then studying industrial design will be quite heartwarming for you since yours skills will be brought to bear on virtually every project. This is because you will be expected to identify complex design problems such as the need, size and overall cost and anticipate production problems.


Good for Those Who Shun Publicity

If you are one of those guys who is at ease working in the background and having your end result do the talking then this is a course you should take. Industrial designers are usually the unsung heroes of the product development life cycle. If you abhor flamboyance and are more down to earth then this is the course for you.


It is At The Center of Change

Finally, if you want to be part of a career that’s at the epicenter of change, constantly changing the lives of millions of people and directly affecting how people perform tasks then enroll for an industrial design course and live your dream. You will positively effect change and influence how people perceive lots products.

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